It’s your party. Make it a good one

Create and recruit a team of allies who look like friends, family, your crush, your boss, your favorite QB...pretty much anyone.

Assemble your team

Build lookalike Mii characters with the game’s Mii Maker™ application, enhanced with greater customization options like extra colors.

Or, use QR Code® patterns to import existing Mii characters.


Cast the roles

Which Mii character plays which role? It’s up to you! Cast your bestie as an ally or your scary co-worker in the role of The Dark Lord.

Assign jobs

Give your Mii allies jobs with specific abilities, stats, gear, and custom looks.

Pre-made Mii characters to the rescue!

QR Code patterns from Tomodachi Life™, Miitomo™, and the in-game Mii Central server can be used to bring specific Mii characters into the game.

Want to invite these two Mii characters from the Miitopia site into your game? Just select Read QR Code when casting roles, then scan the QR Codes here.