Your quest begins here…

Explore the kingdom of Miitopia—a world of lush landscapes, ferocious beasts, and a face-stealing bully.

The hunt for The Dark Lord

Prepare to face countless enemies as you venture through the kingdom.

Learn new abilities to improve your chances in battle.

Attack Skills

“Shoot” allies at the enemy with Tank Mii.

Personality Skills

Hide behind allies to dodge enemy attacks.

Friends Skills

Protect your allies...and share your banana.

Don't give up!

Good News!

You can choose to let the CPU automatically battle for you—no RPG experience required.

Let the battle begin

Defeat enemies to get experience points, in-game gold, and food items...and the stolen faces they’re wearing!

You control the main character, and the other characters are controlled by the computer—which means their choices are based on their interpersonal relationships and the personality you gave them.

Defeat enemies to earn XP and level up.

Characters can attack or use special abilities.

Your teammates may join the attack to help.

Searching for treasure

You may come across treasure chests that may contain gear and gold. You may also encounter enemies that when defeated drop food items which offer different stats. Some characters love certain food items but hate others, which strongly affects the stats they gain.

Time to get us
some loot!

Are we there yet?

After a long day’s journey, you and your party can rest up at the Inn.

Pop “inn” for a visit